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Advances In Evolutionary Developmental Biology

advances in evolutionary developmental biology

Providing an outstanding breadth of coverage in evo-devo, Advances in Evolutionary Developmental Biology provides a comprehensive review of the milestones of research in evolution and development and clarifies the exciting research agenda for the field in the future. Compiling the views of a diverse group of field experts, this timely text expands the now mature science of evo-devo in more complex areas of research.


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An outstanding look at the complex field of evo-devo -from traditional avenues of research to more novel topics- as reported and speculated by a panel of scientific experts

The development process transforms small zygotes from a single cell into large animals and complex plants. The way this happens represents a visually dazzling synchronization of the processes from cell growth to cell death and differentiation. Modification of development trajectories can result in an evolutionary change. Evo-devo is thus located at the intersection of research with the processes and mechanisms of development and the processes and mechanisms of evolution.

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