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Excel 2010 Data Analysis And Business Modelling

excel 2010 data analysis and business modelling

Now, this award-winning educator will give you the best in this action-oriented, scenario-focused guide that has been completely updated for Excel 2010.

Use Excel to solve real business problems – and sharpen your edge!

  • Model investment risks and returns
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your sales team
  • Create the best, worst, and most likely case scenarios
  • Compare Lease vs. Buy and calculate the terms of credit
  • See how price, advertising, and seasonality affect sales
  • Manage inventory with precision
  • Quantify the value of customer loyalty
  • Calculate your break even and ROI
  • Maximize planning efficiency
  • Express “home advantage” at real numbers
  • The growth of the project company, prediction of election results and more!
  • Plus: Imagine PowerPivot for Excel
  • Your accompanying web content includes:
  • Downloadable eBook
  • Hundreds of scenario-based exercise problems
  • All sample files of the book as well as customizable templates
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