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Fundamentals And Technology Of Combustion 2

fundamentals and technology of combustion 2

It is divided into 21 chapters and an extensive appendix. The chapters deal with safety, basic concepts of electricity, batteries, series DC circuits, network analysis of DC circuits, electrical conductors and wiring techniques, electromagnetism and magnetic circuits, introduction at AC, inductance, capacitance, inductive and capacitive reactance, basic AC circuit theory, DC generators, DC motor magnetic amplifiers and synchronous and servo mechanisms. Appendices explain lay readers with common terms, abbreviations, component color codes, full load currents of motors, and cable types; they also provide trigonal functions, quadratic and quadratic roots, basic formulas and laws of exponents.

This gives the reader complete coverage of all the important aspects of electricity. The Navy could fill this text with dozens of illustrations, making the book quickly a multimedia teaching word.

This is an excellent text for teaching or studying at home. The students will also find a valuable complement to courses that emphasize the theory while paying little attention to the application; this will also complement a course in which this situation is reversed. In addition, Fundamental Electricity is the lay reader who simply wants to learn basic electrical concepts or study advanced concepts and applications. 1969 edition.

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