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Organic Chemistry I For Dummies 2nd Edition

organic chemistry i for dummies 2nd edition

The Organic Chemistry Guide is a concise but complete book that helps you understand the course and understand the big picture.

The book is aimed at students of chemistry, biology, and medicine, as well as self-taught science enthusiasts. Join the ring and chain community with Organic Chemistry Guide.

Part I – a structure of molecules, drawings and isomers p binding line.

Part II: organic nomenclature, functional groups and classes of compounds, systematic names and IUPAC rules, name molecules and extract molecules from names.

Part III: stereochemistry, molecule geometry, conformations, p Newman projections, cyclohexane chair and ring p ring.

Part IV: stereoisomers, priority rules, E / cis and cis/trans isomers, asymmetric carbon atom and R / S configurations, wedge and hyphen bonds, chirality and optical activity, enantiomers, and diastereoisomers.

Part V – formal charges, partial charges, delocalization and resonance, drawing resonance structures, inductive effect, electron donation and withdrawal groups.

Part VI – acidic and basic nature of organic molecules, equilibrium position, and acid-base reactions.

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