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Practical Electronics Components And Techniques

practical electronics components and techniques

Even if you have worked with electronic products or have experience in electronic theory, you will surely find important information that you may not have found before.

Among the many themes of the book, you will discover how:

  • Read and understand the data sheet for an electronic component
  • Use rare but inexpensive tools to achieve more professional results
  • Select the appropriate analog and digital integrated circuits for your project
  • Select and assemble various types of connectors
  • Do basic reverse engineering on a device to modify it (hack it)
  • Use open source tools for schematic capture and PCB design
  • Make smart decisions when buying new or used test equipment

About the Author

John M. Hughes is an integrated systems engineer with more than 30 years of experience in electronics, embedded systems and applications, aerospace systems and scientific applications programming. He was responsible for the surface image software of the Phoenix Mars Lander and was part of the team that developed a new synthetic heterodyne laser p interferometer to calibrate the position control of the mirrors on the James Webb Space Telescope. Over the years, he has worked on digital motor control systems for commercial and military aircraft, automated test systems, radio telescope data acquisition, image systems over 50 gigapixels and real-time adaptive optical controls for astronomy . In his own time (when he has one) he likes to make furniture designs and cabinets, build gadgets based on microcontrollers for use with greenhouses, bees and urban backyard chickens, and write books.

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